Rivergate Physical Therapy has a beautiful clinic with state of the art equipment. The care I received was top notch. They helped me from the night of surgery, taught me how to walk again, and provided professional guidance throughout my rehab. The staff at Rivergate is extremely professional, outgoing, and friendly. It was an incredible experience. I thank everyone at Rivergate for an excellent recovery  Im back to skiing and life!!!

I was hit by a truck at 50 + miles an hour and had chronic mid-back pain. The trigger point dry needling and physical therapy I received really helped me with that pain and helped to increase my function. The treatment allowed me to take less pain pills and get back to work sooner. Thank you so much!
~ John

The physical therapy at Rivergate has two convenient riverside locations: One at the south end of town at the Rivergate office complex and the other north of town at Dalton Ranch. Both provide outstanding physical therapy to help recover from surgeries and injuries we sustain growing older in life. The staff is friendly, competent, and knowledgeable and I would recommend them without reservation I should know, after many visits over the year for my total shoulder replacement, the staff at Rivergate has helped me tremendously!
~ Larry M.D.

I watched my once vital, strong, independent husband become dependent on others for assistance in performing simple activities like buckling a seat belt, taking a wallet out of a pocket, or combing his hair. A shoulder replacement gave him a new joint, but he could hardly move his arm. Physical therapy started immediately to restore strength and movement.

I would like to thank the physical therapists, PT aides, and clerical staff of Rivergate Physical Therapy for the professional guidance, coaching, and encouragement that my husband experienced while in their care. I am glad see my husband’s strength and independence restored.
~ Maria Luisa, RN

I wanted to thank all the folks at Rivergate for the excellent physical therapy they provided after my shoulder/ rotator cuff surgery.To a person, they were technically solid, personable, and very customer oriented.After going through several physical therapies in the past (Broken back, hip replacement, torn tendon, etc) this group and these individuals are The BEST.

Kudos to Dan Cullum for building an excellent organization and a special thanks to the physical therapy assistant Ann for the top notch management of my day- to  day recovery program.
~ Tom