We specialize in the treatment of shoulder and knee injuries and the recovery after surgery. At Rivergate Physical Therapy, we have taken advanced trainings in treatment of these issues.

For shoulder injuries, we treat:   Rotator cuff injuries and tendonitis, bursitis, long head of the biceps tendon tears, acromial-clavical joint or shoulder separations, clavicle and humerus fractures, oesteo-arthritis, scapula-humeral dysfunction, postural issues, upper cross syndrome, strains, and pain.

For shoulder surgeries, we treat:   Rotator cuff repair and debridement, subacromial decompression, distal clavicle excision, biceps tenodesis, SLAP repairs, labral repairs, shoulder stabilizations, total shoulder replacements, reverse total shoulders,  open reduction internal fixation of fractures, bursectomy, and other procedures.

For knee injuries, we treat:   Anterior (ACL) and posterior cruciate, medial and lateral collateral ligament tears, meniscus tears, quadriceps and patellar tendonitis and strain, patella-femoral (knee cap) tracking issues, cartilage injuries, ilio-tibial band (IT) syndrome, bursitis, baker’s cysts, hamstring strains and tears, anterior knee pain, fractures, and many more….

For knee surgery, we treat:   ACL and PCL ligament reconstruction, menisectomy and meniscus repairs, cartilage repairs, ligament healing responses, bursectomy, lateral releases, quadriceps and patellar tendon repairs, open reduction internal fixation of femur, tibial plateau and patellar fractures, and many more….

Every shoulder and knee surgery or injury will receive a professional evaluation and treatment tailored to your needs. We will help you get back to the sports and activities that you love!